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Welcome to the pleasure DOME your hosts, FACO AND THABO

Vostek Man!

Ok, people this is not Hollywood, ke nna Ntate ha ke batle masepa jwale. This site will be maintained as and if i feel, so Vostek anyone who minds. Manje, I will tell you and show you a little of what i am made of, afterall dintho dimjojo mostan.I have good buddies like Ali, Rubi, Xoli, ke magents, o and a new mjita Tshepo, wa dibusa le yena, mara di vrou tsa di bra tsaka, MOER HO A NYEWA JONG!, Mara ra respectana ka o fela, ha re batle masepa verstan? Ho na le magents amang mara o na o ver nyana at times mare re ka ho fela, Zwakala braza!

My husband to be is nuts (This is how he looked when he first saw me)

You came into my life as a person catching a bus to the North Pole. It Seemed we both looked for the bus ticket for ages but never quite found it. Sometimes i think we overlooked places where we knew we would find it. I think we did this on purpose, so you would not ride away.

Then the tide turned, now i cannot have enough of you. The more you give me, the more i want, i can never get enough it seems. Sometimes i scare myslef, where am i going with you, and why am i moving so fast. I ask myslef what's the hurry. Then i think there is no rush, my feelings are running as they should. Thruth is you are the women in my life. The life in my living, a life half lived is a life not lived so i will live you to the fullest.

The sing is a symbol of love, eternity and forever, with it will be the cornerstone of the bus ticket and the start of a new Makoko family that will be different in all respects.

Remember all elements of a relation? Even if i am not the one who has all elements for you, you have shown me enough to survive and move. With that i will never be a sadman. With or without you, i will be!
Thank You for Love!

The Move

Plans are galore! This year It's Cape-Town, Fourteen days of strict holiday! We are going to lap and dance the freakin thing away!
She must add her two cenrts worth now.

Greet us at

This is where we are currently reachable, hopefully this site will grow to reflect a lot of things about life, love and everything imaginable. We will try to keep things neat and tidy and offend as less people as we can.

Joke time;
" Three male mice are sitting at a bar with three shots of tequila
about how tough they are. zhe first mouse says, "I'm so tough I break
into the cupboard just to eat the rat poison."
He slams down his tequila and looks at the second mouse. The second
replies, "That's nothing. I'm so tough I run through a mouse trap, grab

the cheese, flip onto my back & benchpress the killer springed
He slams down his tequila and looks at the third mouse. The third mouse

slams down his tequila, slides off his stool and begins walking away
the bar.
The other mice scream, "Hey, Softy, where do you think you're going?!!"
The third mouse replies, "I don't have time for this shit I'm going
to fuck the cat."


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